The story of Million Architecture as a business began like that of most companies, but it actually goes back to when Jay Million met Karen Pace at the University of Kentucky College of Architecture in 1984.  That story of "boy meets girl" led to graduation, marriage and career. By 1995, these two architects became parents, and Karen left the work force to focus on a growing family.  At that time, Jay was working for a small firm in Lexington, Associated Designers, and was introduced to a new intern, Brandon Powell.  The two started a friendship that would continue beyond thier employment at Associated.  In 1997, to facilitate Karen's reentry into the design community, Million Architecture was founded.  In that same year, Jay went to work for a larger firm in Lexington.

In 2009, Million Architecture was reorganized into a PLLC, and Brandon became a vested partner in the firm.

In 2021, Jordan Million, Jay and Karen's son and the reason she left the profession in 1995, became a licensed architect.  Jordan has been a valued member of the team at Million Architecture since he was in college at UK, and has been a full-time employee since 2019.  He continues to bring value to our clients in his professional capacity.


It was at this time that commercial contractors began to seek out Million Architecture as a design/build partner, due to Jay & Karen's reputation for efficient, effective designs, and a "team approach" that was different from many architects.  As a result, Million Architecture grew its business to the point that Jay made the commitment to dedicate himself to the firm full time in 2002.   By the spring of 2005, Million Architecture had become established as a respected firm with a progressive approach to the practice of design.  In that same year, Brandon was offered a partnership at Jay's former employer.  Over the summer, Brandon considered his future and shared with Jay his concerns about his values and thier alignment with those of his new partners.

We are not focused on becoming the largest firm in the area, but we do strive to be the best.  And while that may sound cliche, our catalog of work will show that for the past 20+ years, we have been sought out and commissioned for projects large and small because of our reputation as architects that approach design in a different manner than most.  Our approach is as team members that serve the project.  That team is made up of Owners, who cast a vision for the project; Contractors, who bring a knowledge of the construction marketplace; and Designers; who bring creativity and concepts that fit within the codes and meet the project's goals and objectives.

We seek the opportunity to learn more about your project and your team, and see if we can be of service.  

In his new position as project manager, Jay invited Brandon to join the team at his new workplace.  

By the fall, it had become clear that the greater opportunity for Brandon was to join Jay and Karen in thier investment at Million Architecture.