Industry is the driver of the American economy.  We have had the opportunity to contribute through the design of purpose driven structures.  With industrial design, it is all about the integration of the machine with the production, and the building that protects the machine.  Efficiency is as critical for the process, as the experience of the encounter with the design.

Waste Connections Transfer  Somerset, Kentucky

Alltech Flight Operations and Hangar Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington Brewing Company Lexington, Kentucky

Town Branch Distillery  Lexington, Kentucky

Schlumberger Oilfield Services Terminal Martin County, Kentucky

America's Finest Woodworking Team    Lexington, Kentucky

Dueling Barrels

Brewing and Distilling

Company Pikeville, Kentucky

This project represented a $20 million dollar urban development investment by Alltech and their visionary founders Pearse and Dierdre Lyons, establishing a production our tourist destination in eastern Kentucky and connecting Pikeville to thier home city of Dunboyne, Ireland through a sister city program.